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Installing solar panels during a California roof repair
April 18, 2022 at 4:00 AM
Two contractors repairing a roof.

You may be considering repairing or replacing your roof for any number of reasons. If you’ve owned your current home for a long time, the roof may be aging and due for this kind of work before it starts to present issues. Depending on where exactly you live, severe weather events could also have caused damage to your roof that leaves your home vulnerable to potentially more serious damage over time.

Regardless of your reasons for getting your roof repaired, you may not realize how great of an opportunity it is to start looking into installing a system of solar panels, too. Solar itself comes with all sorts of benefits when it comes to your energy expenses and carbon footprint, and if you’re already thinking about getting a system installed, there’s no better time to do it than while you’re investing in a new roof, too.

What makes combining these two projects so worthwhile? It all comes down to savings and convenience. Picking and installing a system that’s suited to your home’s new roofing materials and working with a company that can help with both repairs and installation ensures that your roof and solar system last for a longer time without any need for additional repairs and that, when you do need additional work done, it gets done right.

Why install solar while repairing your roof?

As mentioned previously, savings and convenience are the primary reasons to get both a solar installation and roof repairs done at the same time. This largely comes down to the fact that you can often get both services through the same company at a price that’s lower than if you had received them separately. Many solar companies partner with roofing contractors to offer these services as a package deal at prices discounted by as much as 30%.

Getting these two projects done at the same time also helps to ensure that both your system and your roof last for a long time. On average, a roof will last between 20 and 50 years after installation or replacement, depending on the size of the roof and materials used; similarly, solar panels will last between 20 and 30 years. Combining these projects helps maximize these lifespans and reduce the amount of work needed to maintain your roof or solar system.

How it works

Although the point of combining roof repairs and your solar installation is to reduce the overall cost required to maintain both your roof and your system of panels, the initial work itself can be fairly costly for most people, amounting to thousands of dollars in work. That’s why federal and local incentives exist across the United States, in addition to financing options from individual solar companies.

In addition to heavy discounts for this combined work, you can choose to finance your panels through a loan, leasing agreement, and a power purchase agreement (PPA) that allows a solar company to retain ownership of the panels and sell the energy they produce back to you at a rate that’s typically lower than a standard utility bill, essentially replacing this bill. The state of California, a leader in solar adoption in the U.S., also offers a number of incentives to reduce the price you pay.

Who should you work with?

The key to enjoying the benefits of combined roof replacement and solar installation is to find a company that’s either partnered with a reliable roofing contractor or employs skilled roofers in-house.

You can work with Solar Switch now to get California roof repairs at the same time as a full solar installation under an agreement that works for you. Book an appointment with us now for a free consultation to find out how you can make the switch to solar.